Social Welfare


Social Welfare Activities

 ■  Activities Period
  ● Trip to Caring the Children of Bethany Children's home  2015
  ●  Donate food and supplies to Chung-Yi's Children's home  2015
  ● Sponsor Majia Junior High School Samba Drum Band to perform abroad 2015
  ● Respond to a call from DaLiao District Farmer's Association- Red bean festival/ To purchase Agricultural products 2014
  ● Purchase Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation's egg Roll  2014
  ● Donate for helping the Gas explosion in Kaohsiung 2014
  ● PWSA Taiwan 2009
  ● Eden Social Welfare Foundation 2012~
  ● Donate  for helping Inundation cause by Typhoon Morakat 2009

Baseball Day at the Chengcheng Lake Baseball Stadium: May 2, 2015

Participation and Sponsorship of Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation Fun Fair

Updated Trademark Logo - Commemorating 40 Years in the Precision Timing Industry

Launch of MEMS Microphone

Harmony's Social Commitment to Foundations

Harmony's Support for the Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation's Fun Fair

Notice of Relocation of Taipei Office






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