Green Policy

HELE Green Product Policy (HSF)

HELE Electronic Corp. committed and initiative to follow environmental protection concept in green product design and management while providing good quality products and services to compliant with strictest laws and customer’s requirements and environmental protection. 
HELE is also continuously strengthen all employees and suppliers’ environment concepts and knowledge by related education activities to establish green product management system.
HELE initiatively implements the concept of environmental protection concept in green product design and management in order to follow its’ policy to do our responsibility of global citizen.
HELE Green products reference regulations
1.RoHS 2.0指令(2011/65/EU) (EU) 2015/863
2. SONY Technical Standard Document (SS-00259)
3. REACH(EC) No 1907/2006
4. PFOS(2006/122/EC)(EU) No 757/2010
5.Regulations and customer requirements
Green product management systems
HELE had passed customer’s GPMS (Green Product Management System) audit
Pb free production from 2014/01/06
Halogen free product from 2008/04/27
Green Product Stauts
Level 1: Prohibited using environment hazardous materials immediately. HELE products meet this completely requirement.
All HELE products meet the requirement of EU SVHC’s requirement
*For further information, please refer: 
*For further information, please refer: 
The ECHA European Chemicals Agency Candidate List Table

The Chemical Book


SMD Glass Crystal 
HELE hereby warrant our products SMD crystal (Glass types) contain Pb chemical substance in sealing glass is exempted by RoHS directive (2015/863/EU). Exemption: Electrical and electronic components containing lead in a glass or ceramic other than dielectric ceramic in capacitors. Exemption:7c-I 
Reference for Green Product standards in HELE
RoHS Standards (2015/863/EU)(Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substance)
HELE's products conform to the RoHS2.0 requirements
 Photo  TYPE  Green Products   ICP Test Report    ICP Test Report    REACH Report 
 HSX-S/SA.  RoHS Compliant  
 HSX-SR  RoHS Compliant  
 HSX-SK  RoHS Compliant
 HSX-G  Exempted by RoHS Directive  
 SPXO  RoHS Compliant    
 LV-PECL/LVDS  RoHS Compliant    
 VCXO  RoHS Compliant    
 VC-TCXO/TCXO  RoHS Compliant    
 Lead type(SMD-49)  RoHS Compliant    
 Lead type(AT-49)  RoHS Compliant  


Reliability information of green products

1. Lead free product solderability  and material composition testing report are all meet requirements
2. ICP report testing data for all parts/sub-material/material
3. All packing material meets the requirement of Packaging and Packaging Waste(PPW)
4. Lead free meets requirement of IPC-JEDEC J-STD-002
5. Lead free meets requirement of J-STD-020/MIL0STD-202


Declaration (Download)

 REACH Compliance Declaration
 PFOA&PFOA Compliance Declaration
 RoHS 2.0 Compliance Declaration
 HF Exemption Declaration
 California Proposition 65 Compliance Declaration
 RoHS Exemption Declaration  
 Conflict Minerals Policy Declaration
 PoPs Prohibiting Substances
 TSCA PBT5 Prohibiting Substances





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