2023.09.01 - Harmony Electronics Thailand Co Ltd.

Harmony Electronics Thailand Co Ltd.

Expanding Horizons and Boosting the Supply Chain

In electronics manufacturing, finding new countries of origin is now necessary for strategic reasons. The rise of trade tensions and the reshuffling of supply chains have highlighted the importance of diversifying. Countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia are emerging as viable alternatives. Amidst this backdrop, Harmony Electronics Corporation, a stalwart in the realm of frequency components, particularly crystal oscillators, is making strategic strides.

Harmony Electronics, from Taiwan, has been a leader in seeing the potential of Southeast Asia as a manufacturing center. In the 1980s, Harmony Electronics strategically established its first overseas manufacturing site in Thailand. Harmony Electronics thrived in Banpong, a small town two hours west of Central Bangkok, as a strong manufacturing company.

Harmony Electronics is expanding with a new factory in Omnoi. The factory lies an hour North-East of Banpong. This expansion comes after the success of the company's first plant. This move underlines Harmony's commitment to growth and ability to adapt to new global supply chains.

A Unique Position in the Market

Harmony Electronics is the only Taiwanese timing device maker that can do complete assembly in SEA under their management. Harmony's unique position gives customers advantages when moving their supply chain to SEA, reducing purchasing risk.

The company has a long history in Thailand. This allows it to provide stability and reliability. Few others in the timing industry can offer this. As a result, numerous major brand customers have approached Harmony for strategic supply negotiations.

This expansion demonstrates Harmony's commitment to providing the best service and quality for their customers. The company is confident that this new plant will benefit all involved parties. Harmony Electronics is getting stronger in the timing device industry with more production, good prices, and improved customer service.

The Strategic Advantage of SEA-Based Manufacturing

Moving supply chain management to Southeast Asia (SEA) provides customers with several strategic advantages. Companies can lower purchasing risk by buying from nearby suppliers, as many options are available in the region. If one supplier can't fulfill an order, the company has a nearby backup option to avoid delays or shortages.

Crystal Oscillators and More

Harmony Electronics specializes in quartz crystals and crystal oscillators, among other quartz electronic parts. Harmony makes suitable crystal resonators. Many things use them, from regular electronics to fancy devices.

Various products, from GPS systems and medical equipment to consumer electronics, use Harmony electronics crystals. Their crystals have high stability and reliability, making them suitable for various applications.

Harmony also offers custom design services. They can provide customized electronic parts according to customer requirements. Customers can specify their desired designs, and Harmony will develop the most suitable solutions.

Harmony's crystal oscillators are famous for their temperature range, operating temperature, and accuracy, making them popular among manufacturers in various sectors.

The Future Looks Bright

The opening of the Omnoi factory signals a new chapter for Harmony Electronics Corp. This growth makes Harmony stronger in the market. It gives customers another dependable option for their supply chain plan.

In conclusion, Harmony Electronics Thailand Co Ltd continues to uphold its reputation as a trusted provider of quality frequency components. Harmony will grow and progress significantly in the electronics industry through strategic expansion.





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