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Letter of Advice on Collecting,Processing and Using Personal Data


1. Specific purposes for collection of personal data
    HARMONY Electronics Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “HARMONY”) for the purpose of
(1)Fulfilling the purposes stated in the first Clause herein, or the various purposes as the registered business  licenses or articles of incorporation of HARMONY or any others permitted by laws,
(2) Human Resource Management (including recruitment, separation, employee profile, current position, education, working experience,examination distribution, long term learning, training and development, performance management, Verify the qualification, compensation, attendance record, benefit, Deprived of civil rights, special check (background), other personnel management. )
(3) Consumer, Customer Management and Service Code of the specific purpose of the Personal Information Protection: 001、002、036、038、052、063、069、073、077、078、090、107、109、110、120、129、148、171、172、173、174、175、176、181
2.Category of personal data
HARMONY electronics Co. Ltd. collects your personal data based on the needs of respective businesses, accounts or services, and the data is categorized as the following according to the “The Purposes Specified in Personal Data Protection Act and Category of Personal Data” promulgated by Ministry of Justice:Code Types of identification: C001、C002、C003、C011、C012、C013、C021、C023、C031、C035、C038、C039、C051、C052、C054、C056、C057、C061、C062、C063、C064、C065、C068、C069、C070、C071、C072、C081、C087、C088、C089、C093、C102、C111、C120
3.Period, area, objects and method of use for personal data
Duration of the specific purpose for collection of personal data, the expiration period defined for maintenance of information agreed under laws or contracts, or the expiration period defined by HARMONY (if longer than that defined by laws).
Local and foreign locations of the following objects.


HARMONY’s parent company and all its subsidiaries and affiliates thereof , and any competent authorities, judicial or other governmental bodies which have jurisdiction over HARMONY and HARMONY Group Members in the R.O.C., and any other places and any third parties entering into cooperative or mandated relationship with HARMONY (including, but not limited to, the institutions commissioned to engage in market survey), , any other institutions having business or trading relationships with HARMONY, empowered or authorized agencies.
Method of use
By automated machine or any other non-automated means.

4. According to Article 3 of Personal Data Protection Act, you may exercise the following rights against HARMONY with respect to your personal data held by HARMONY
(1) Inquire or request to review or reproduce your personal data. 
(2)Request HARMONY to supplement or correct your personal data. You shall exercise it with reasonable explanation in accordance with laws; 
(3)Request HARMONY to stop collection, processing or using, or to delete your personal data. However, HARMONY shall, pursuant to laws, disregard the request if such data is mandated to execute relevant processes.
5. You may choose to provide your personal data in your sole discretion
You may choose to provide your personal data in your sole discretion. Provided that you refuse to provide your personal data, HARMONY shall not be able to perform the necessary review and processing to offer the relevant services to you. HARMONY may hereby decline your application for relevant transactions or services.


6. You agree that HARMONY is entitled to amend the advice and to notify you of the outlined amendments and designated webpage, verbally, in writing, or via telephone, SMS, email, fax, e-document, branch and website, or in any other manners sufficient to enable you to know or perceive the amendments (including, but not limited to, providing the access to any website disclosing the details of advice in aforesaid manners). Please peruse the content on the designated webpage accordingly then.


7. An English version of the “Letter of Advice on Collecting, Processing and Using Personal Data” is made to facilitate reference by foreign language users. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English version of this letter, the Chinese version shall prevail.




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