Social prosperity

Respect Human Rights

HELE has followed strictly the related regulations and standards regarding labor and human right made by government, in order to let every employee from different places with different character and background can work comfortably in the occupational site, and in order to enhance occupational harmony and mutual trust of labor-management, Harmony Electronics Corp. has devoted itself to the creation of friendly work environment without unequal treatment,without harassment and without discrimination. Factors such as race,skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity,group or nationality, language, thought, social level, physical and mental disability, pregnancy, health situation or protected gene information, religious belief, political stance, group background, veterans identity, marital status, appearance, five sense organs, member identity of industrial association, labor representative and employee appeal behavior should not be used as conditions for employee’s hiring, salary adjustment, promotion, and encouragement and training opportunity. Harsh or unhuman treatment to any employee is strongly prohibited, including sex harassment, sex abuse, corporal punishment,ideological remolding or labor remolding and verbal aggression and threatening behavior.

Anti-corruption and unjust enrichment

Fairness, honesty, integrity and setup of trustworthy corporate image is usually the business operation principle and concept of Harmony Electronics Corp. Therefore, corruption, bribery, embezzlement of public funds, collusion and method to acquire inappropriate benefit or any behavior for the purpose of benefiting an individual or any third party within this company is strictly prohibited. If any employee is found to violate this, such behavior should be terminated immediately and employee should be treated with appropriate law and regulation, and according to “work rule”, employee can be fired without prior notice.

The inside of this company should be set up with “internal control system”, and let audit office do control and evaluation on all departments of Kaohsiung plant and Taipei office, and the percentage of participating department is 100%. For high risk department that could easily fall into corruption or have high chance to receive commission, for example, financial department, purchase department and sales department, audit should be conducted once a year. In the external side, an accounting office will inspect the financial report on quarterly basis. This is to ensure the transparency of all kinds of transactions,and to ensure the consistency between business operation status and financial report and accounting treatment.

Healthy workplace

Let us fight the epidemic together.

In 2021, under the impact of epidemic, HELE has its main goal based on providing a safe work place for its employees, protect employee’s health and maintain the normal operation of the enterprise; HELE has taken cautiously a series of epidemic-prevention actions, constructed safe work environment, and enhanced employee’s trust on this company; meanwhile, it also guarded the health of all employees strictly.

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