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Harmony Electronics' Sustainable Environment Operation

Bear in mind the concept of sustainable operation and have deep recognition of the limitation of resource on earth and the importance of sustainable development, in 2000, our company has introduced ISO 14001 environment management system, and certificate change was made in 2020 (with certification from third party just department). Meanwhile, ISO 14001 environment management system standard was used as principle for environment management work, and it was also integrated into internal management system and the following environment policy was prepared:

Environmental Policy

Energy Management

Global climate greenhouse effect has caused great change, for example, there are frequent disasters such as flood, draught, wind disaster and storm, etc.

Meanwhile, its strength and influential scope gradually increases, therefore, it has caused potential risk to the sustaining operation of an enterprise.

Harmony Electronics Corp. has conducted every year greenhouse gas reduction so as to reduce energy usage and to enhance energy efficiency, consequently, the greenhouse gas release quantity can be reduced, meanwhile, international standard such as “Glasgow Climate Pact” and the regulation of “make annual reduction of 1% electricity usage from the energy bureau of the government have been followed to make continuously the energy saving project.

Carbon Management

For the release of greenhouse gas, in addition to cooperating with this Country’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas release, we have also responded to

related protocol in the international societies regarding the reduction of release of greenhouse gas. Although the greenhouse gas quantity released by Harmony Electronics Corp. is not within the reporting control specified by the government, yet Harmony Electronics Corp. still takes energy saving and carbon reduction as its target.

Greenhouse Gas Release

Greenhouse Gas Intensity

Water Resource Management and Usage

The water resource type used by Harmony Electronics Corp. is tap water, and water supply source is from Fengshan water supply plant and Kaotang water supply plant, and water was not obtained from ecological preservation area. Our company has promoted the environment concept of sustaining development, today, the investigation of environment topics was quite popular, and “water footprint” was result of this wave of water resource management concept, “water footprint” represents the overall index to water resource consumption and pollution impact. Hopefully, through good environment management, consumption on resource can be reduced, meanwhile, this company has promoted aggressively energy saving and carbon reduction project and action to fulfill its responsibility as a corporate citizen.

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