Corporate Governance

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

Department Functions

Remuneration  Committee Assist the Board of Directors in formulating the performance appraisal and remuneration policies of directors and supervisors. The  related performance appraisal, payroll, bonus, staff dividend and the method of distribution remuneration for directors and supervisors should be evaluated and reviewed by the Remuneration Committee before submitted to the Board of Directors for discussion. 
Audit Committee
A. Evaluate the fair presentation of the Company's financial statements.
B. Evaluate the CPA appointment (dismissal), independence and performance.
C. Evaluate the effective implementation of the Company's internal control.
D. Evaluate major transactions in lending funds, endorsement & guarantee and acquisition or disposal of assets
Audit Office Responsible for the audit duties, internal control, internal audit system construction and modification, implementation of internal control system, and handling of the internal reporting cases. 
GM’s Office
A. Annual goals, plans, costs, and budgeting affairs; regular review of production performance in each plant and performance review management in the monthly business meeting.
B. Equipment investment, capacity table, investment profit table, and department profit/loss table on quarterly basis. 
C. Overall fund planning, bank limit planning and allocation, shareholder’s meeting, board meeting affairs, supervision and stock affairs in each subsidiary. 
D. HR planning, management and implementation. 
Safety & Health Office Clarify, plan and supervise the safety &health management plant, the emergency response plan, the labor safety & health audit, and the inspection of safety & health facilities; supervise the implementation in the related departments, the plant affairs and plant safety businesses. 
Manufacturing Division Responsible for the production of crystal oscillator , the personnel education & training, the improvement of production technologies and the reduction of production cost. 
Supplies Dept
A. Responsible for purchasing based on the requisition demands of each department. (including materials, machinery equipment, and price control).
B. Confirm the production schedule and the delivery time, perform requisition and management of the raw materials, materials and finished products. In charge of order management, follow-up in case of reply delay, management of estimated orders, management of materials, management of finished products inventory, shipment management, reports, export/import. 
R&D Dept.

Development of new products and new technologies, and improvement of processes
A. Document management unit: input of system specification, encoding of system materials and parts, translation of Japanese documents and document management.
B. Technical unit: Evaluation and approval of new materials, trial production and approval of new products, process improvement, manufacturing procedure under machinery equipment conditions, circuit investigation.
C. Sample unit: Completion of samples, test and letter of approval.

QA Dept.
A. QA business: DCC, ISO business, instrument calibration, customer complaint business and reliability business. 
B. QC business: Standard business, IQC business and OQC business. 
Business Dept Product sale, order processing, customer development and service, sales analysis of competitors, product marketing strategies and industrial market analysis, product cost & price, and management of sample development, new product development and sales service, services and solutions for problems of customer’s product application. 
Project Development and Design Sction New product design specification and drawings, development of new machines and tools, evaluation of new operating conditions and methods.
Smart & Automation Dept.
A. Design, assembly, improvement and adjustment of whole machine and equipment. PLC programming, program inquiry and software operation, jig design. 
B. Improvement of machine problems and new product renovation, formulation of written procedure for machines, review and improvement of process equipment problems and improvement of process.
IT Dept. Application system, system running, evaluation of user requirements, work order dispatching, processing, work report, follow-up, acceptance inspection, and close file.
Administration Division HR Section In charge of planning and implementation of critical policies and operating strategies, implementation of various management systems and related evaluations. Responsible for the businesses such as HR, general affairs and legal affairs.
Human resource planning, management, implementation.
Finance Preparation and analysis of financial reports, budget summary, tax declaration, and official announcement.
Acoustic Sensing Parts Business Division
A. Responsible for mems mic production, personnel training, improvement of production technologies and reduction of production cost. 
B. Acoustics related sample manufacturing and testing. 





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