Corporate Governance


Internal audit responsibilities:

1.Internal audit:
   The internal audit of a company or an organization shall control the activity of planning, organization, coordination, guidance,  supervision and examination, and follow the instructions of managers or top decision-makers to release notifications, review each department’s business, financial budget and situation of complying related regulations or laws, or to provide suggestions.

2.Map out audit plan:
   Follow established policies or targets of the company or organization to map out an audit plan and to execute. Initiate or assist to execute internal and external audits, report the audit results, and to follow up revised measurements to improve business performance.
3.Effective self-assessment of internal control:
   Base on the map out plan to execute internal audit of efficacious self-assessment, coordinate and to solve each department’s business flow or problems. Review the reliability of the organization’s internal assessment, and provide Board of Directors with review results for further comments.
4.The coordinator between internal and external audits: 
    Act as a coordinator to bridge the communications between external audit establishments and the internal control unit.
5.Information to declare:
   According to raw, report within a prescribed time limit and report information on websites to public office.
   For the next fiscal year of【Annual Audit Plan】should be declared before the end of Dec.
   For the current fiscal year of【Chief Internal Auditor, Auditor and Deputy Information】should be declared before the end of Jan.
   For the previous fiscal year of【Execution of Annual Audit Plan】should be declared before the end of Feb.
   For the previous fiscal year of【Internal Control System Statement】should be declared before the end of Mar.
   For the previous fiscal year of【Correction of any defects and irregularities in internal control systems】should be declared before the end of May.
6.The audit department of HELE belongs to the Board of Directors, and has one auditor, who present at the Board of Directors to report the audit business.
The appointment and removal of auditors shall be approved by the audit committee and submitted to the board of directors for resolution. The assessment and remuneration submission shall be signed by the audit director and submitted to the chairman for approval, and it follows the provisions of the Company's "Salary Management Method". The auditor's name, age, education, experience, service years, training and other information shall be in accordance with the format specified by the Financial Supervisory Commission, and shall be reported in the Internet information system for future reference.


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