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Crystal Oscillator and Crystal Resonator Manufacturer

Harmony Electronics Corporation: Precision Quartz Frequency Components

Harmony Electronics Corporation (trademark H.ELE) has been a trusted manufacturer of precise and reliable quartz frequency control components, particularly crystal resonators (Xtal) and crystal oscillators (XO), since 1976. With almost half a century of experience in timing devices, we have earned our reputation as a leading supplier in the industry. Harmony also specializes in manufacturing MEMS microphones.

Versatile Applications of Harmony's Quartz Frequency Components

Our precision control components are utilized in a diverse range of fields, including consumer products, high-grade industrial and networking applications, data communication, consumer devices, systems, 5G Infrastructure, Metaverse, drone, server, and automotive applications. This showcases our commitment to the versatility and reliability of our products across various sectors.


Enhanced Design and Quality Control through Collaboration

Partnering with Japan's Daishinku Corp. (KDS) has enabled Harmony to improve its design knowledge and quality control processes. This collaboration benefits both companies by further strengthening Harmony's capabilities in delivering high-quality frequency control components and increasing cost-effectiveness and competitiveness through Harmony's manufacturing expertise.

Cutting-Edge Research and Development

Over the years, Harmony has advanced its research and development capabilities, allowing us to remain at the forefront of technological innovations. Combined with our manufacturing expertise, this has led to the development of advanced manufacturing processes that ensure consistent production of high-quality frequency components, specifically in wide operating temperatures and miniaturization trends, without sacrificing performance and accuracy.

Strategic Supply Chain Optimization and Cost-Effectiveness

Harmony has strategically optimized its supply chain and enhanced cost-effectiveness by establishing manufacturing plants in Taiwan, Thailand, and China. The decision to increase capital expenditure for a second manufacturing plant in Thailand in 2014 demonstrates Harmony’s commitment to meeting its customers' growing demands and mitigat geopolitical risks. Harmony aims to be a responsive, reliable, and responsible supplier capable of addressing the evolving needs of its valued customers worldwide.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

All of Harmony’s manufacturing plants are certified with ISO9001, 14001 (including 14067 CSP & 14046 WFP Assessment & Statement), 45001, IATF16949, IECQ QC 080000, and Sony GP. We also emphasize product reliability tests, such as JISC-C-60068, MIL-STD-1916, AEC-Q100, and Q200. These certifications and tests showcase our dedication to maintaining high standards of quality, environmental sustainability, carbon footprint, occupational health and safety, and industry-specific requirements.



Harmony Electronics Crystal Frequency Control Products Facility, quartz crystal timing components, crystal oscillators, crystal resonators

Harmony Electronics Crystal Device Facility, manufacturing crystal oscillators, crystal resonators, and frequency control components for precision timing

Emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In addition to focusing on product excellence, Harmony places significant importance on CSR. We strive to provide value to the global society and our customers through responsible and accountable business practices.





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