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Timing technology is the heartbeat of everything with an electronic pulse. Some of the key areas where HARMONY Crystal resonators (XTALs), and Crystal oscillators (XOs) are widely used in automotive applications in 4 main categories.


Timing frequency devices contribute to the effectiveness and responsiveness of safety features, helping to enhance the overall safety of vehicles and protect occupants and pedestrians on the road. Some of the key areas where timing frequency devices are widely used in Sensor fusion systems, Airbag systems, ABS, ADAS, LDWS, TPMS, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), CAS (Collision Avoidance Systems), and others.

Body Electronics

The body electronics encompass various electronic systems and components related to the vehicle’s interior, comfort, and convenience features. Timing frequency devices are used in BCM (Body Control Modules), HMI (Human Machine Interfaces), Keyless entry systems, Interior lighting controls, Anti-theft systems, Audio systems, and others.

Powertrain Systems

Timing frequency devices play a crucial role in optimizing engine performance, improving fuel efficiency, and ensuring the smooth operation of the powertrain system. They are widely employed in ECU (Engine Control Units), TCU (Transmission Control Units), and Electric vehicle systems, such as Motor control, Power electronics, BMS, and Charging system.

Connected & Infotainment

Timing frequency devices contribute to seamless connectivity, enhanced entertainment features, and improved user experience within the vehicle. Some examples of applications include Connected car applications, Infotainment systems, Connectivity modules, Telematics systems, GPS navigation systems, Voice recognition systems, and others.

At the core of every electronically-driven system, timing technology is the silent orchestrator, working diligently behind the scenes. This couldn't be truer than in the world of automotive applications, where our HARMONY Crystal Resonators (XTALs) and Crystal Oscillators (XOs) are integral to a vehicle's seamless operation.
From ensuring the precise operation of safety systems, to synchronizing the complex dance of powertrain systems, our crystal resonators and oscillators are there, providing the critical timing necessary for these systems to function optimally. They also play a pivotal role in body electronics, where they coordinate the operation of multiple systems to enhance user experience and vehicle performance.
In the realm of connected and infotainment systems, our XTALs and XOs are indispensable. They provide the accurate timing needed for data processing, signal transmission, and reception, ensuring that your vehicle is always connected and your entertainment uninterrupted.
Our mission at HARMONY is to provide reliable, high-performance timing solutions that drive the heart of automotive technology. We understand the importance of accuracy, reliability, and performance in this rapidly evolving industry, and we're committed to delivering products that meet and exceed these demands. Explore further to see how our products can enhance your automotive applications.





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