High-Quality Frequency Control Crystal Timing Solutions

Experience the perfect blend of high-performance, certified, and cutting-edge technology with quartz frequency component solutions from Harmony Electronics (H.ELE.). We strive to build trust and deliver on our promises, backed by decades of experience in the frequency control industry. Our timing devices are custom-designed to meet your project's specific needs, including case size specifications, and they exceed industry certification standards such as AEC-Q200 & IATF-16949. About Harmony Electronics

Need a Crystal Unit? Consider Your Options.

Oscillator Crystals

Harmony Electronics' oscillator family, consisting of SPXO, TCXO, VCXO, and VC-TCXO oscillators, are precise, tiny, reliable, RoHS compliant and Pb free.

Auto Crystals

A comprehensive range of crystal units for auto applications including seam sealing, glass sealing, 2-in-1 thermistor XTAL, and SPXO Series; ensuring reliable and performance.

Thermistor Crystal

Thermistor XTAL crystal is used to compensate for temperature changes that may affect frequency and stability of an oscillator. 

Crystal Resonators

Harmony's crystal resonators (Xtals) are designed for high precision timing and synchronization. With a wide range of sizes, and frequencies, we have the right solution for you.


Harmony Electronics MEMS microphone family offers ultra-low noise, top port, and analog output for superior audio quality in various electronic applications.

Frequency Control Applications

Our products are critical in maintaining accuracy and reliability in electronic devices, making them essential in the auto, medical, industrial, Internet of Things, data communication, consumer, telecommunications, aerospace, and military industries. At Harmony Electronics, we provide high-quality crystal oscillators, resonators, and MEMS to meet the needs of these industries. Frequency Control Applications. 
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