About H.ELE

Harmony, established in 1976, is a professional, quality Quartz Frequency Component manufacturer.
With technology originated from DAISHINKU CORP. and nearly 30 years’operation, Harmony has Owned it’s own solid research capability. Other than the quality and production technology which are considered to be leading among craft, the product and service have been very much trusted and appreciated by customers. Harmony Quartz Crystal & Crystal Oscillators are widely utilized on IT, Communication , Consumer and Auto field.

Introduction of Total Ethical Management to nurture elegant harmony company culture and to establish the cornerstone of ever going on operation。

Introduction of high frequency MESA blank technology for the development of oscillator production technology with high frequency and for the application of communication and optical communication product。
Development of SMD TUNING FORK for the timing function of all final application.
Development of LOW PASS FILTER for entering into the optical field。

Land Area: 6,925 sq. meter
Factory Area :10,787 sq.meter
Mega International Commercial Bank, Kaohsiung Branch(80147,235 Chuang Cheng 4th Road, Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
Chang Hwa Bank,TaFa Branch (539, Feng Ling 3rd Rd., Taliaw Hsiang, Kaohsiung Hsien 831, Taiwan)
Registered Capital: NTD 1.07 Billions (US$37 Millions)
Labor Force: 287 Personnel
2011 NTD 5.007 Billions (US$165.36 Millions)
2012 NTD 3.367 Billions (US$115.94 Millions)
2013 NTD 3.083 Billions (US$103.42 Millions)
2011 NTD 5.082 Billions (US$167.83 Millions)
2012 NTD 3.422 Billions (US$117.84 Millions)
2013 NTD 3.161 Billions (US$106.04 Millions)